Spring Cleaning

Leaf Cleanup & Disposal

We are at the end of the cold winter season, and it's time for spring cleaning from Rye-Land Lawncare. We want to help you start by gathering and disposing of the leaves that fell during the fall and winter months. Unlike your nephew, we promise we won't leave giant piles of leaves in your yard and go home. We'll bag and prepare it for municipal pickup, or if you live in a rural area, we can accommodate transportation and disposal. Contact us for your free quote.

Renew Your Garden Beds

Garden beds require a little bit more delicate and detailed care. Garden beds are also a really important aspect of your property's aesthetic and overall curb appeal. As the winter can often make your garden beds look a little less than fresh, a little cleanup and care will prepare your garden beds for the warmer months when annual plants are ready for their comeback and seasonal plants are prepared to show their stuff. Our spring cleaning involves clearing leaves and debris, new mulch or lava rock, and tilling the soil.  Before you know it, your garden will be alive and full of volume and color.

Shrub & Hedge Trimming

Shrubs and hedges are definitely on our list of spring cleaning chores. Don't forget about these when you're making your spring cleaning list. They're more than just another plant around your home and lawn, but highlights of your landscape and outdoor living spaces. Shrubs and hedges look great when properly trimmed, whether they play an accent or leading role in your landscape. Let our experienced hands cut and trim your shrubs and hedges into beautiful forms and shapes, making them whole and vibrant as the spring sets in. Properly trimmed shrubs and hedges are primed for healthy growth, which helps them endure seasonal changes and appear full.

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